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“Ajax Minor is an intriguing writer who takes you along with him through the pain of loss and search for healing.”
dale a nolan

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Loss, grief and God; philosophy and physics; the craft of writing. This blog covers the gamut of deeply personal, scientific and conceptual, and pragmatically instructive.


Short Stories and Poems

“I Married a Butterfly.” The short stories and poems explore all the themes in Ajax Minor’s books and then some. Magical realism, quantum theory, rationalism. Get swept away in “other worldly” stories and poetry that make you think.


About the Author

Ajax Minor is a former NYC bond trader and the fantasy author of the “Ur Legend” Trilogy.

He began writing after the death of his daughter Katherine. Her passing, and her life, served as the inspiration for the “Ur Legend” series of fantasies: “Sun Valley Moon Mountains;” “The Girl From Ipanema;” and “Kutusov’s Dream” (to be released in 2019).

Though the novel is his preferred medium of expression, he has also written a few short stories and some poetry.

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