We thought it would be appropriate to celebrate the publication of a new book in the Ur Legend series with an improved website. Evelyn Helminen has done a spectacular job of redesigning the ‘look’ of the site as well as increasing its ease of use and utility. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Book 2 of the Ur Legend, The Girl from Ipanema, will be coming out in May 2017.  A preview of the cover and plot will be found on the site.  In the near future, as we get close to release, I’ll be speaking more about the novel.

You will also notice a short story, ‘I Married a Butterfly‘, under Short Stories and Poems. If you haven’t already read Sun Valley Moon Mountains, “Butterfly’ will give you a feel for my style as well as my preferred (well, ONLY!) genre.  I’ll be talking more about ‘Butterfly’ next week.

Hope you will be visiting the site and offering your thoughts on a variety of topics from Grief to God, from Mind to Morals.