The Beats: Kerouac, Ginsberg et al.

Okay, so we’ve been hit with a lot of bad, sad lately. Sexual harassment at the fore. We’ve talked about women in previous blogs. Check ’em.

But this week let’s do some poetry again. A craft that’s quickest onto the page and hardest to master. And, though it’s the Holidays, I’d like to skip ahead six months.

I love the Beat writers: Kerouac, Ginsberg and Burroughs. On the Fourth of July, I like to pull out ‘Howl,’ by Ginsberg, grab an espresso and put on some West Coast jazz.

Never read ‘Howl’? Do it!

On the Road‘? No? Do it.

I’ve decided to publish a poem I wrote, ‘Tranche of Time’, which was intentionally composed in a ‘Beat’ style. As such there are aspects of it that may make no sense to the reader but actually do refer to an event in my life. It was a fun exercise. Like many Beat writings it it is edgy and very physical.

Read Tranche of Time now »

What do you think it’s about?

Free ebook copies of  ‘The Ur Legend’ series to those who guess correctly. Comment below:

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  1. This is so cool. I mentioned to Margaret and she’ll check My best to Linda . Truck on!

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