The distinguishing feature of Ms Lindsey’s writing is her ability to weave the emotional and intellectual connections between and among characters. It is, I think, a technique I have identified as the primary driver of plot in my own Ur Legend series.

The two wonderful, salient aspects of her Mysteries are her ability to draw a terrific arc for Rose’s character and their setting in ‘Gilded Age’ New York City. The latter is refreshing, much as was the World War I context of the film ‘Wonder Woman’. The author also makes use of historical figures that add to the magic of the stories. This is particularly true of Book 2, ‘The Golden Grave’, where we meet Teddy Roosevelt and Nikola Tesla.

To paraphrase, “You can take the writer out of Fantasy but you can’t take Fantasy out of the writer.” I’ve written in my Blogs about why I write Fantasy. Of the ‘Not-High’ variety. Think Philip Pullman or Neil Gaiman. I didn’t choose Fantasy, it chose me. Just as Vanilla ice cream chose me. Erin Lindsey’s wonderful first series, ‘Bloodbound’, was a different kind of High Fantasy (think Tolkien or Game of Thrones’ with no Dragons or Elves). While Ms Lindsey has switched genres (less common I believe for writers than for those in the visual arts), she has been true to her inner muse by having Rose become involved with the Pinkerton Agency’s Paranormal Branch.

As ‘Murder on Millionaire’s Row’ is her first mystery, it is more uneven than ‘Golden Grave’. I’m not going to introduce any Spoilers or summarize the plot, but suffice it to say that the denouement is a bit over the top madcap. There are Ghosts. Nuff said. However, it is a very cool story and all of the characters are compelling. Rose Gallagher’s arc is so riveting that I couldn’t wait for ‘Golden Grave’.

‘Golden Grave’ did not disappoint. Rose, as a rookie Pinkerton agent, begins the difficult process of navigating two distinct worlds: that of her lower class upbringing and the high society of her boss and heartthrob Thomas Wiltshire. And Mr Roosevelt. The author carefully scripts Rose’s development including all of the missteps and pitfalls of straddling two worlds. It is a gripping study in character development.

So buy or download the series and you will be disappointed only by the wait for Book 3.