Loss in the Real World

We are in the middle of a promotional campaign for The Girl from Ipanema. I’m working with Smith Publicity out of Cherry Hill NJ and am excited about the interest they’ve generated. We ran an essay in the Huffington Post on Father’s Day, in the Contributor’s section, and done an interview on the Ed Tyll Show on radio.  Ed by the way is a terrific interviewer.

Listen to the interview here:


We will also be running an essay on ‘Grief and Art’ on The Good Men Project website later this week.

While people are always interested in the craft of writing, they are even more driven to dig down and have me explain what really happened when Linda and I had Katie.  As you know from this site and my books, Katherine suffered a horrendous birth accident and died seven months later. The nice thing about fiction, and especially Fantasy, is that you can craft any outcome you want, as the author.  Not so in the ‘real world’.

So check out the essay (pretty short, kids) and the mp3 interview above (about 30 minutes) and you’ll know what happened to Linda and me and how the experience changed us.

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  1. Your ability to create such an interesting and new life for your daughter intrigues me. Your imagination boggles MY mind and I do believe somewhere she’s loving it all!

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