Can art be a balm for Grief? If so, how?

Last time we mentioned that Smith Publicity was running a campaign for the latest book in my Ur Legend series, The Girl from Ipanema. I’d written an essay on Father’s Day, which appeared in the Huffington Post and was interviewed on the Ed Tyll radio show. But Smith won’t rest and so neither will I, it seems.  On June 23rd, we published another essay, this time on The Good Men Project website. An editor had asked that I write about the connection between Grief and Art. You can read the article here »

This is a worth while subject because Grief is a crushing and chronic emotion. And it depresses. It’s not uncommon knowledge that one of the immediate remedies for depression is activity. In my case I had a small idea for a story that has morphed into a three book series (Book 3, Kutusov’s Dream, to be released in 2018). Some might express themselves on a canvas and some, like my wife, Linda, might even devote their talents—in her case considerable financial talents—to a good cause and paint on an Excel spreadsheet.

So if you’ve suffered a grievous loss, or have been fortunate enough not to but are curious, check out the essay, ‘Grief  Life and Art‘, on The Good Men Project website. And check out the site as well. Some of us guys are talking about how we become not only ‘Good Men’ but better men.