If you had a second chance—but only one—what would it be?

Last week I posted a short story, ‘Betelgeuse’, about second chances. My series, The Ur Legend, is also about second chances.

Second Chances & Forgiveness

Have you ever made a mistake? I’m guessing the answer is yes. If you had a second chance—but only one—what would it be?

Do you find that an appealing concept?

Was your mistake simply an unbearably embarrassing action or a life changing error? If it’s not correctable—say you killed someone, would forgiveness be enough? What about redemption? Is there salvation with forgiveness but not redemption?

Or, even if we remembered our past mistakes, would we be able to correct them or would we simply make new ones? I tend to be optimistic on that score, but how about you?

Would you like a second chance? Or do you think unintended consequences would create a whole new set of problems?

Missed Opportunities

What about a missed opportunity, rather than a mistake?

My protagonist in ‘Betelgeuse’ mused about a missed kiss. Was he being silly or merely honest with himself?

Would we really want a chance to fix a blunder or, living with that failure, grab a lost opportunity? If so, what does that say about our character? Are we then the incurable optimist, always looking at the doughnut not the hole?

What would you change?

Next week we’ll talk a bit more about ‘Betelgeuse,’  and 1963 in America.