I was fortunate last week to do a Podcast with Connie Dunn on Publish With Connie. Connie is both a writer and a writing coach, specializing in working with Indie authors. And BOY we need all the help we can get! It’s lonely out here sometimes in Indie Land.

Listen to the entire podcast here:


I had previously been interviewed by Ed Tyll. He had set up the broadcast to coincide with Father’s Day. So that interview was more about the inspiration for my Fantasy series and backstory about Linda and I losing our daughter.

While we touched on that topic, Connie and I discussed aspects of writing fiction. We spoke about the roles of inspiration and discipline, the relationship between a career and the art of composition and different genres.

My genre is Fantasy, and Connie has focused on Children’s literature. But we also explored how different people have differing views about how the world is organized conceptually and the role of human connection. These have both been important elements of my stories. Especially the underlying meta themes of Epistemology, or how we come to ‘know’ things, which is the basis for my fantasy in Sun Valley Moon Mountains, and differing ethical systems, such as Utilitarianism and Kant’s Categorical Imperative, or the Golden Rule, in The Girl from Ipanema.

For now, if you have an hour to kill, while say unloading the dishwasher, check out the Podcast above. In future weeks I’ll be writing more about the Philosophies explored in my fiction.