While I continue to nurse my wife Linda after her foot surgery, I’ll be short on copy and long on video this week. So if you enjoyed my shot at ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ last week, we’ll post my second song at the Sardine Factory in Monterey CA, ‘Bad Moon Risin’.

Blog Post by Author Ajax MinorGiven that I wrote Sun Valley Moon Mountains, in which A moon, Luna, is the context of the fantasy proper, I think it’s an appropriate riff.

The moon always held a particular fascination for me ever since my Grandma Kattie (yup, she was based on a real person) told me, after my Grandfather died, that the moon is where dead people go. I looked, as a child, with wonder at a bright Gibbous, as Jaq did on his porch in Ketchum.

My rendition of the Creedence Clear Water song may not be a wonder but I hope you enjoy it!