I wrote a Blog recently about The National Marriage: Red and Blue, a  response to a David Brooks column in the New York Times. But what about the personal side of divorce? Blog Post by Author Ajax Minor, Black and Blue: DivorceI went through one as a youth of 24. I had married a girl whom I’d first started dating in senior year of high school and then through college. She was, and is, beautiful and brilliant. A math major and a computer programmer way back when she’d often come home late because she had to wait for a program to run on time sharing. Anybody remember those days?

Anyway, we’ve kept in touch over the years and now have semi-annual calls on our respective birthdays to catch up. She remarried to a wonderful guy. My dentist! Brilliant in his own field. She had two sons and now has grandchildren. So things have turned out pretty well for her without old Ajax. She said we were too young. And maybe we were.

But the fault lies with me. However, that’s another story. Regardless, the pain and guilt remain.

I write poetry from time to time to work on economy in my writing and to try different forms of expression.

The poem is about a metaphorical gift of Anniversary Flowers—Click here to read.