Guest Poetry shared by Fantasy Author Ajax MinorThis week we will publish the last two of the poems that were submitted over the past couple of weeks. The first, Break the Clock, by Alex Harris, grinds ‘rose colored glasses’ firmly under its heel and is a call to action. The second, Untitled, by Kathy Jenkins, is in the wonderful sub-genre of satire. Ever been ‘chapped’ by something on the internet? Read her poem!

Break the Clock

by Alex Harris

We break our walls down to go back to the past giving up on tomorrow
But what is yesterday it is a place of failures heartbreak and tears
We have to push on fight for tomorrow
fight the tears hold fast because tomorrow is coming and we can’t stop the clock
time keeps moving and the pendulum of life keeps swinging
we can try to turn the hands back but we miss what is happening today or what will be tomorrow



by Kathy Jenkins

Twas browsing through the comments feed,
To sate my narcissistic need.
When I stumbled upon a falsely leading post.
What is this? I cry. This surely some forgotten ghost.
This surely some forsaken ghost.
Promises of riches, popularity and more.
If only I will share, as I have so many posts before.
This one simple click and nothing more.
As I have clicked so many times before.
A single click and nothing more.