These past few weeks we’ve talked about one of the activities Linda and I love most: FISHING! Now why don’t we talk about what is often a favorite time of year for many of us, CHRISTMAS.

New Blog Post about Christmas by Author Ajax Minor

As you know by now, if you’ve followed my Blog, I always try to hit topics of either general or current interest. But always topics that relate specifically to my books. So what does Christmas have to do with Sun Valley Moon Mountains (SVMM)?

Among other things, SVMM is a Christmas story. Really?! Of course you thought the novel was about the loss of a child. Certainly, that and grief are the meta themes of the story. But the tableau against which it is set may be much more. First, and most simply, the tale takes place around the holiday of Christmas. Ingenious of me, huh? Well, the calendar is not the only thing that links the story to the holiday.

First, Jaq and Kate have a party to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Now they are self professed, even with tongue in cheek, pagans. So they throw a Solstice Party (True confession: Linda and I throw one for ourselves every year!) I’ve read that it’s generally acknowledged that Christ was born in the Spring. But in order to attract converts the birth date was moved to December to replace the old Solstice celebrations. Well, Jaq and Kate hold one for their friends in Sun Valley. What happens? Lots. The sun stops in the sky, just above the western horizon, before going to sleep on the shortest day of the year.

Then the fun begins.

Jaq and Kate recieve a tree on Christmas Eve day from their friend, Father Nicholas Marduk Beele of the church of Our Lady of the Snows. But the tree, like their daughter Ur, is just a little bit different.

If you haven’t read the story and are a bit curious, check out what happens to a very strange tree.

Finally, who is this person, or whatever else he is, Nick Beele? Find out in SVMM. 

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