The past week has been both challenging and sad. Challenging to those of us still healthy and sad for those stricken with Covid19. I had planned before the pandemic to fire up the Blog again and write about two possibly prescient themes in The Girl from Ipanema, Book 2 of The Ur Legend: a global climate catastrophe and the resulting breakup of the United States. But I felt a better choice would be to publish one of my poems. As I’ve said before, though the novel is my preferred medium I believe it’s important for any writer to explore other genres to perfect their craft. So find here a whimsical poem. And if are looking for something to do while ‘Sheltering in Place’, write one yourself!

… a Drop of Rain Must Fall

What if I could concentrate

On a single drop of rain

And miss the storm?

Collapse my field of view

Close the lens of my mind’s eye

To a pinhole

Would I fall in?

Break the clear, elastic surface

Of that raindrop

Then float around inside

On my back

Staring out at large faces

Broadly convex

Staring back

Would they fall in

As well?

We could throw

A party!