Email doesn’t do ‘tongue in cheek’ very well.

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog and a series of posts about North Korea, which is the setting of the first part of my book, ‘The Girl from Ipanema‘. On Facebook, tongue in cheek, I asked which was more likely: that Kim Jong Il, as he claimed, scored 11 holes in one during his first round of golf or that The Donald ‘didn’t have sex with that woman’ Stormy Daniels.

New blog post by fantasy author Ajax Minor, "Email and insult"One gentleman was offended and replied that he could name ten Presidents whose DNA was all over the floor of the White House and not one was Trump. His politics were obvious. What was not obvious, to him at least, was that my question was meant to be tongue in cheek. I pointed out that it was meant to be taken lightly and with good humor as emphasized by the fact that I had quoted ‘The Willy’, from one of his first press conferences about the Monica Lewinsky dust up.

“Ah,” my correspondent replied. He had misunderstood my tone.

But email is like that. It doesn’t do ‘tongue in cheek’ very well.

I remembered that I written a short story about the evils of email. It may not be one of my best stories but it is SHORT. I share it here: